Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Outsource My Bookkeeping?

Outsourcing allows you to provide the best service to your clients because our professionals provide high quality, detailed processing of your bookkeeping data in less time at approximately 50% of the cost.  You can grow your business by retaining and attracting new clients with value-added services.  A more detailed explanation of outsourcing benefits can be found on our Outsourced Benefits Page.

How Do I Send Documents and Information to Outsourced Bookkeeping Solutions?

Simply take the appropriate documents and scan and send scanned files via email or you can fax the original documents to OBS.  For those clients who are interested, pickup of documents can be arranged and scheduled.

How are Services Priced?

Payment options include per transaction and weekly rates.  We would be happy to discuss your needs and come up with the right pricing package for your company.  Generally, most clients choose the flat rate service performed at OBS's facilities where our bookkeepers can process your transactions uninterrupted.

Is there a Minimum Commitment Required to Try OBS Services?

No. We are able to change our availability and fee based on your needs and there is no long-term obligation.

How Can I Protect my Client Base?

Our connection to your system is protected by encryption and security technology that is used by banks and online trading firms.  Our company subscribes to a code of professional ethics and our contract includes non-disclosure and non-compete agreements for your protection.  We are insured and bonded for your complete protection.

For more information or to contact us, complete our Online Form or call 518-210-7897.